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Case Study: Sensible Bio - A BioTech Company

Services Provided
  • Virtual CFO
  • Back-office Management


Sensible Bio needed a reliable and experienced financial management partner to support its growing biotech business.

The company needed assistance in setting up its complex, multi-national financial operations to ensure efficient functioning of back-office processes.


Capila provided virtual CFO, and back-office management services.

Capila helped set up the company's financing structure.

Capila provided comprehensive CFO consulting services, including financial advisory.


The company's financial operations are streamlined and efficient, enabling well-informed decision-making for future growth.

Capila ensured smooth financial coordination between Sensible Bio's US entity and SK entity, facilitating streamlined communication and financial management between the two entities.


"Capila's expertise in financial management has been instrumental in helping us achieve our business goals. We now have the tools we need to make data-driven decisions and continue to innovate in the life science industry."

Miroslav GasparekCEO Sensible Bio

Sensible Bio is a stealth biotech startup that develops a novel biomanufacturing platform for one of the most important molecules.  As Sensible Bio's business continued to grow, the company recognized the need for a reliable and experienced financial management partner. This is where Capila stepped in.

Capila was engaged to provide virtual CFO and back office management services to Sensible Bio. Our team of experts was tasked with setting up the company's complex financial operations and ensuring the efficient functioning of its back office processes. 

We ensured smooth financial coordination between Sensible Bio's US entity and SK entity, facilitating streamlined communication and financial management between the two entities. Our team of experts helped Sensible Bio set up its financing structure, including the relationships within the holding company group. We worked closely with the company to ensure that the structure was robust and streamlined, allowing Sensible Bio to maximize the efficiency of its financial operations. 

In addition to these core services, Capila also provided comprehensive CFO consulting services to Sensible Bio. This included financial advisory, as well as assistance with cost document processing and back office management. Our team of experts worked closely with Sensible Bio to ensure that the company's financial operations were functioning efficiently and effectively, freeing up key management to focus on growing the business.

The results of our work with Sensible Bio have been overwhelmingly positive. The company now has a highly efficient and effective financial management system, with real-time data at its disposal. Sensible Bio's financial operations are now streamlined and efficient, enabling the company to make well-informed decisions about its future.

In conclusion, Capila is proud to have worked with Sensible Bio to help the company achieve its financial goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality financial management services to businesses of all sizes, and we look forward to continuing to work with Sensible Bio in the future.

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