Our team

We are here to make the world of finances more comprehensible and bring simplicity into complexity by digitalization and automation of the financial world.

We want to create a world where C-level management and founders are fully able to concentrate on their core business while trusting us to take care of their finances in a way that minimizes complexity, data mess and margin of error.

The Team

It's all about the team.

We believe that the cooperation of like-minded and driven individuals is the key to success.

Matyas Varga

CEO & Co-founder

Mátyás is passionate about new technical solutions in finance and in the future, he would like to live in a fully automated financial world. He is an experienced financial officer who has gained his experience in the field of transactions and as a CFO for a multi-national Coworking platform. During his years as a CFO he has identified the main financial problems of the startup world and wants to contribute to a solution to move the whole ecosystem forward.

Juraj Jurasek

CSO & Co-founder

Juraj is an experienced sales leader with more than 8 years in FinTech and MarTech world. During his career he participated in product development in two main Slovak online banks Zuno and mBank, and later as business developer with CDP tool Exponea. Juraj also educated the e-commerce space about the importance of customer data platforms in their business.

Martin Jesensky

CFO & Co-founder

Martin has gained extensive experience in finance and accounting at Big4, as well as in the tech startup environment. His main focus is building efficient accounting and finance teams and processes. He always keeps an eye on financial decisions and helps companies grow. He leads our CFO Consultancy Program.

Core Values

What we stand for and why it's important to us



We are your trusted companion. We highly appreciate that you trust us with your finances and act accordingly. Our utmost priority is to make sure your data is safe with us and we treat your finances in the way we would treat ours.



We want to show you the world of finance from a different perspective, one which is simple and easy to understand.



The financial world is not to be afraid of nor to get lost in. Our aim is to show you how to move around in it in an entertaining and modern way.


Informality and open-minded approach

The world of finance is oftentimes rigid and old-fashioned. This needs to be changed. While dealing with our partners and employees, we act as friends. In every situation, we are keen listeners ready to discuss new solutions and are flexible while dealing with new challenges.


“We are making the world of finances more comprehensible and bring simplicity into complexity by digitalization and automation of the financial world.”


Matyas Varga

CEO & Co-Founder

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