We realise that the needs for data vary from company to company. Our great benefit is that our various features are flexible to adjust to your business.

Cashflow reporting

By connecting Capila with your bank accounts, you can see all the important cashflow metrics

    Analyze cashflow inflow and outflow on a daily basis

    Every bank transaction is visible in a transparent dashboard

    Bank loans and leases, loan repayments and interest schedule

Trends and planning

Capila as a financial management software is connected to your invoicing tool and we regularly update your main business metrics

    An effective financial planning software provides you a detailed revenues and expenses forecast to give you ground for more accurate decision

    An updated profit-loss report every day

    Your financial statement analysis tool

Revenue analytics

With Capila's reports, your revenue and forecasting are always under your control so you are able react quickly

    Overview of detailed revenues from your customers sorted in categories, per product

    Overview of revenues per customer

    KPIs vs. reality revenue report

    Real-time outstanding invoice report

    Recurring vs. total revenues

Expense analytics

Budget spending is an issue that is treated across all departments. But it doesn't have to be this way. Capila gives you a transparent report of all your company expenses:

    Total approved and remaining budget amount, budget under approval

    Company budget vs. real expenses report

    Recurring vs. total expenses

    Expenses linked to specific budget category allowing you budget optimizations

Income statement

    Historical view of P&L categories and balance sheet

    Net profit decomposition by categories

    Cost per product

    Fixed assets overview, depreciation, net book value

    Corporate income tax and VAT dashboard

HR reporting

    Complex report and number of employees / contractors

    Customer projects and tasks overview

    Utilization report

    Customer profit

“We are making the world of finances more comprehensible and bring simplicity into complexity by digitalization and automation of the financial world.”


Matyas Varga

CEO & Co-Founder

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